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Where is Long Island?

Long Island, a part of the New York metropolitan area is considered the world’s 17th most populous island with a population of 7,568,304 in a 2010 census, making up 39% of the New York population. Lying northeast in the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island is conveniently located closely to other major cities.

Traveling outside of Long Island, there are many large cities conveniently located nearby. In only about an hour, you can travel to Queens, NY, approximately 38 miles away, Brooklyn, NY, approximately 49 miles, Manhattan, NY, approximately 52 miles, and Newark, NJ, approximately 60 miles. Traveling a little further, Staten Island, NY and Stamford, CT are approximately 67 miles away and in about three hours, you can make it to Philadelphia, PA which is approximately 145 miles from Long Island.

How to Get Here

Long Island is serviced by all major forms of transportation. There are three major airports that service Long Island; John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Long Island MacArthur Airport, as well as multiple smaller airports. Travelling by car, major highways consist of Long Island Expressway, Northern State Parkway, and Southern State Parkway. Railroads, subways, bridges, crossings, ferries, and bus services are all available within Long Island.

The summers in Long Island tend to be warm and humid, with approximately 2,400 hours of sunshine annually; while the winters are cold and wet with approximately 20 to 35 inches of snow annually (some areas of the island can see up to 75 inches while other areas see as little as 10 inches). Being a coastal area, Long Island is somewhat susceptible to hurricanes however, the strength of these storms tend to deteriorate by the time they reach Long Island due to Long Islands northern location and cool waters.

Your Long Island Team

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